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Project Fog

Fight for survival against swarms of drones in a neon future.

Use grenades to destroy your enemies, a jet pack to traverse the environment and a dash to stay out of trouble. Keep an eye on your oxygen or you might not survive long.

Collect pickups to boost your abilities and stay in the game.


W,A,S,D - Movment.

Shift - Dash forwards.

Left Click - Hold for a stronger throw, release to throw a grenade.

Space - Jump, hold to use the jet pack.


  • Upgrades spawn every 5 enemies killed, they also refill your oxygen, after the 80th enemy killed upgrades stop spawning and only oxygen refills will spawn.
  • When stuck to the environment your grenades act like mines,  exploding when enemies come into proximity of them (if their timer hasn't run out).
  • You can use your dash ability or a quick boost of the jet pack before you hit the ground to avoid falling damage.
  • There is a lower level to the city where no enemies patrol, you can use this to safely kite enemies around, but don't stay too long or you'll run out of oxygen.
  • If you get too far away from the city you will die from exposure to cosmic radiation!


Project Fog WINDOWS.zip 579 MB
Project Fog MAC.app.zip 590 MB
Project Fog LINUX.zip 595 MB

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